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  • What is lice and how is it transmitted?
    Lice are tiny parasites that infest the hair and scalp. They are typically transmitted through direct head-to-head contact, sharing personal items like combs, hats, or pillows, or coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • What are the common symptoms of a lice infestation?
    Common symptoms include persistent itching of the scalp, visible nits (lice eggs) attached to the hair shafts, small red bumps on the scalp or neck, and a feeling of something moving in the hair.
  • Are lice only found in children?
    No, lice infestations can occur in people of all ages. While they are more common among children due to close contact in schools and daycare centers, anyone can get lice.
  • Can I get rid of lice on my own?
    While there are over-the-counter products available, lice removal can be challenging without professional help. DIY methods may not effectively eliminate all lice and nits, leading to reinfestation. Professional lice removal services offer expert treatments for comprehensive eradication.
  • How do professional lice removal services work?
    Professional lice removal services employ skilled technicians who use specialized techniques and tools to meticulously remove lice and nits. They provide thorough head checks, treatment options, and guidance on post-treatment care to prevent reinfestation.
  • Is lice removal treatment safe?
    Yes, professional lice removal treatments are safe when administered by trained experts. The methods used are non-toxic and do not involve the use of harmful chemicals. The focus is on effective removal while ensuring client comfort and safety.
  • How long does a lice removal treatment take?
    The duration of treatment can vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the length of the hair. On average, a professional lice removal session may take 1-2 hours. Follow-up appointments may be recommended to ensure complete eradication.
  • Can I prevent lice infestations in the future?
    While it's challenging to prevent lice entirely, there are measures you can take to reduce the risk. This includes avoiding head-to-head contact, not sharing personal items, regularly washing and drying bedding on high heat, and educating family members about lice prevention.
  • Is your lice removal service confidential?
    Yes, we understand the need for discretion. Our lice removal services are completely confidential. We prioritize client privacy and ensure a discreet and comfortable environment during the treatment process.
  • Do you offer in-house lice removal services?
    Yes, we offer convenient in-house lice removal services. Our skilled technicians will come to your location, providing professional treatment in the comfort of your own home for added convenience and privacy.
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